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A Message From Our Valued Customers


Jonathan G.

Discovery Flight

"Doug was FANTASTIC!  I took my dad  for Father's Day through Leighnor Aircraft  and Doug was our pilot. he was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and i was very impressed with his drive and focus.

Doug kept us informed of everything he was doing during the flight, walked us through every maneuver, and he made the entire experience fun for both of us.

I'm interested in getting my pilots certificate and i won't go anywhere  else for it... plus, my dad and i are going to make this a tradition and I'd like to have Doug be our pilot every time!"

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Riley S.

C23 Ferry Flight

"Doug recently ferried my Beechcraft Musketeer B23 from California to Georgia. The quote was reasonable and accurate. The service was top notch and the airplane was delivered as promised. Highly recommend Union Flight."


Dave. C

Returning Ferry Client

"I met Doug a few years ago. He flew an Aeronca Champ from Pennsylvania to Mississippi for me. Since then, we have flown together many times. I come from a family of pilot's and can say that Doug's love of flying makes him a great pilot. He is honest and is willing to help anyone out. He gave my daughter her first flight lesson and she loved it. He is a dedicated flight instructor. I'm glad to be able to call Doug my friend."

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Michelle S. 

Discovery Flight

"What an incredible experience! The Grand Canyon is majestic from any view but flying over it was indescribable. Small planes make me nervous, but Douglas was so calm and certain that he eased my nerves. He's an exceptional pilot. We left out of Prescott and flew to the Grand Canyon. It was beyond words. We even took our dog :). Give this gift to yourself"


David A.

Flight Student

"I just completed 2 weeks of flight instruction with Doug at the Cottonwood, Arizona airport and was so impressed I am booking an additional week.

If you are lucky enough to have Doug for your instructor or for a discovery flight you will be in safe, competent hands as he is one of the best out there in my opinion.
We made two flights across the Grand Canyon, one at night after flying over Zion National Park. Spectacular flights to say the least and great cross country instruction!
Highly recommended!"

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