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Lets do This!

Meteor Crater - Stand on a Corner of Winslow Arizona

Fill in all the information below. When you're finished, accept our terms of service and proceed by pressing the "Sign Up!" button. Then expect a phone call from Union Flight LLC to discuss pricing. Because of TSA regulation, proof of American Citizenship or residency is required prior to extended flight training operations. Please submit proof of these documents below. Price will vary depending on many variables to include; selected aircraft, starting point, etc. Expect a quote to be delivered as a text message or phone call from Union Flight LLC after you complete the signup process below.  

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By clicking I aknowledge the fact that this experience is not a tour flight, this is a flight training operation and I will be put into a postion where I will fly a real airplane for extended time periods. I hereby indemnify Union Flight LLC for all personal injury, loss of personal items, induced illness, mental trauma, or other ailments that could in some circumstance be caused by extended flight training. All flights conducted by Union Flight LLC will be conducted under Title 14 of the CFR. Any request that does not comply with Federal Aviation Regulations will be denied. Any request that can in any way be deemed a safety hazard or can increase the chance of any risks associated with the operation will be denied. If scheduled, each flight must be canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled operation or will be subject to cancelation fee of up to $100. (This does not stand in the event of weather, sickness, aircraft damage, or any unforeseen circumstance that could render the flight hazardous in any way). In the event of poor weather or hazardous flight conditions, airport closures, airspace restrictions, etc; every flight is subject to alteration, cancelation, and/or rescheduling by Union Flight LLC.

Prepare for the flight of a lifetime!

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