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Oh the places you'll go!

Why just see the world when you could fly over it? Sign up for an adventure flight today and YOU could fly to any one of the destinations below with a Union Flight Instructor there to teach you how it's done! Start flight training with a bang and open yourself up to the journey of a lifetime!

LSA Discovey Flight

Light Sport Airplane Discovery Flight (Single Person)

This is the most financially responsible option! for an hour fly either a Cessna 162 Skycatcher out of Prescott Regional Airport or an A22 Foxbat out of Cottonwood Municipal Airport. Get the chance to get up close and personal with flying!

Standard Discovey Flight

Standard Discovery Flight - Bring a friend!

Fly a bird with a little more umph! Take up what us pilots call a "Normal Category" airplane with up to four seats. We have a variety of options available in this regard. The Piper Cherokee, Cessna 172, and Cessna 182 can all do the job! Feel free to bring a friend too!

The Sedona Experience

The Sedona Experience! - With an optional meal at Mesa Grille Included!

Navigate the red rocks, Sycamore Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon and indulge in the vast beauty associated with the Sedona area. Indulge in the journey in either a light sport or normal category aircraft. End this adventure with a landing at Sedona Municipal airport and an optional post flight meal.

Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater - Stand on a Corner in Winslow Arizona!

Cross Mormon lake and see a meteor crater up close! We'll land at Winslow Arizona to give you a shot at the snapchat selfie of a lifetime!

Cross The Grand Canyon

Cross The Grand Canyon!

Fly an airplane up through the Grand Canyon Special Flight Rules Area and watch the world drop out from under you. Bring a camera!

Escape to Marble Canyon

Escape to Marble Canyon!

Cross the grand canyon through the Zuni Corridor before flying alongside the echo cliffs and starting the adventure of a lifetime! Learn how to land a small plane into a small airstrip that started out as an abandoned highway project! On our way back we'll fly over horshoe bend before returning back to our starting point. 

The Thunderbird!

The Thunderbird! Voyage to Zion!

We'll Start our trip inbound to the western front of the Grand Canyon where you'll set up for landing over Bar Ten strip! After this we'll fly over the Zion Canyon and see one of the most beautiful plots of terrain this country has to offer. Throughout this trip you'll be flying point to point using landmarks given to you by your instructor pilot. It's recommended to bring a friend along to split the cost of this flight!

The Navigator

The Navigator!

You tell me where you want to go and I'll teach you how to get us there! (200 nautical mile range limit from our starting point)



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